Sabtu, 26 November 2011


     Once upon a time ,there was  family lived near the river of batang arau in west  sumatra .they were poor  family.they earned their living by fishing.they had a son named malin kundang .
      Malin kundang loved their parents .he parents also loved him very day malin kundang decided to sail abroad .his mother was s sad ,but he gave him permisson because she wanted him to besuccessful.
      Malin kundang ha became a rich man.he become a king and he had a beautiful was not like her mother’s hope.malin kundang did’n admit that she was his mother .he said that he did’n have a poor  mother like her.his mother was very anoyed .she cursed him o become a statue.
      Malin kundang’sship want back to sail.suddenlythere was a big strom.the sip wit the coral.carsh!!!!!!!!!the ship broke and malin kundangwas under the curse of her mother and he become a statue .now,we can see the statue of malin kundang at the beach of padang in west  sumatra

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